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Testing a Tair 3s Russian Lens For Astrophotography

Making the best of a terrible month here in the UK for stargazing,  we finally had a good night of seeing! I’ve made a few changes to my setup in the last few months including modding my Nikon D7000 for astrophotography and also trying some new lenses.

This Image of the Heart Nebula IC 1805 is a 40 3mins subs, + 10 darks stacked and edited in Photoshop. Not the best seeing conditions but wanted to try out the Russian beast.

The following image was shot with a Nikon D7000 astro modded camera and a Russian Tair 3 lens 300mm F4.5 @ 5.6 iso 800

Tair 3s Astrophotography

I’m quite impressed with this lens, for a £50 lens this is a bargain buy.

There are a few variants on this lens but most have same optics, Its an M42 thread as standard, which i removed and fitted an m42 to Nikon adapter on the back, also for nikon camera’s i had to adjust front element to achieve infinity focus, will cover this later on…

Tair 3 Lens Specs

Optics: 4 elements in 3 groups.
Weight: 1.6 Kg (excluding trigger mechanism and stock)
Length: 24.6 cm
Width (diameter plus focus wheel): 12 cm
Preset Lens: 4.5 to 22 in full stops, but mechanism permits infinite variability between minimum aperture set, and fully open.
Diaphragm: 16 straight blades.