Budget Astrophotography

IC1805 and IC1848 The Heart and Soul Nebulae

Located in the Perseus Arm of the Galaxy, the Heart nebula and the Soul nebula are two bright nebulae although a telescope is needed to see them. They are located in a region of the Galaxy where a lot of stars are forming.

I have been itching to image these 2 using my 300mm lens and DSLR, both are framed quite nicely with the 300mm and crop sensor camera.

My Astro Setup

I setup my HEQ5 mount, with my Tair 300mm lens and Nikon D7000 astro modded camera and got quite lucky when i slewed to the location.

When you take the image you will not see any details, i used around 80 2 min exposures. It was not until you stretch the curves layer in photoshop you start to see the nebula come though.


Below is the final image edited in photoshop.