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HEQ5 Upgrade Kit – Step By Step Installation Guide

Installing an HEQ5 upgrade kit

Having owned my HEQ5 non goto mount for just over 2 years i decided to buy the upgrade kit to turn this mount into a goto mount with synscan controller. After this install you will have an HEQ5 pro mount. Here is a guide to installing the HEQ5 upgrade kit.

HEQ5 upgrade kit installation

Image of the contents of the HEQ5 upgrade kit, with new motors, board, synscan controller etc.


Ok Lets start… First off you need to remove the side and top panels using a phillips screwdriver


HEQ5 mount after removal of side casing, here you can see the motors and gears which we will remove later.


Remove the HEQ5 top cover using a phillips screw driver as shown in the photo.

Installing an HEQ5 upgrade kit

Next remove the 4 phillips screws that hold the motors in, Tip – find a good quality perfect fit screwdriver as mine were very tight and easily rounded off
Once removed pull wires through and remove the other motor. Do the same for the other motor.

Installing an HEQ5 upgrade kit

Next remove the 2 grub screws holding on the gear cog using the allen key provided in the kit. You will find the brass gear will not slide off as the screw makes a mark on the shaft…so after scratching my head for a few minutes I came up with a great idea that needs no extra tools just the allen keys provided.

Installing an HEQ5 upgrade kit

As shown above place the allen keys behind the motor, and use even force on each allen key, this will give you the leverage to remove the cog off the shaft. After removal I used some sand paper to smooth off the mark on the shaft so the new motors will slide on easily.


sand down the marks left by the grub screws on the shafts.


Now remove the HEQ5 board. There are two screws holding this in place.

Installing an HEQ5 upgrade kit

Once you have removed the board you can remove the old power supply panel. there are 2 screws one each side. Pull all wires through and store somewhere safe.

Installing an HEQ5 upgrade kit

You are now ready to install the polar scope light this just pushes in be care not to break the wires or push on the LED.


Image showing new panel in place. After this it is time to start installing the new brass gears and new motors in your HEQ5 mount.


Install the large brass cogs and tighten the grub screws until they nip tight, do not over tighten! The new motors come with much better allen bolts and they will only fit one way. The motors have two different size brass wheels so you cannot get them the wrong way round. But as you look at the picture the DEC motor has the larger wheel and goes on the left. The RA motor has the smaller wheel and goes on the right.

Once you have these in place adjust the motor so the gears turn nice and free and feel smooth to rotate. Add the grease provided in the kit to each of the cogs with a thin layer of grease.

Great we are nearly finished, all you need to do now is install the wires on the board as shown in the diagram in the manual. these just clip in place.

Put your covers back on and you are finally finished.

Congratulations you just upgraded your HEQ5 mount!