Astrophotography 300mm

Looking an affordable long lens for astrophotography?

Then may i present the stunning Tair 3, 300mm F4.5, i bought my lens for the very low sum of £50.00 from ebay last year and its a cracking lens for widefield astrophotography. All metal body, with 4 elements in 3 groups, The total weight is around 1.6 Kg with a length of 24.6cm. This lens will knock spots of other lenses nearly 10x the price, i know i’ve tried the nikkor 180mm f2.8, (bad vingnetting) and the 300mm f4.5 ED IF, this is ok but CA is much worse than the Tair 3 and the Nikkor still has bad vignetting as well.

To work with my Nikon D7000 a few mods had to be done first.

I removed the m42 adapter on the end and replaced with a t2 nikon F mount. Also the front cell had to be moved forward this is simple method of undoing the grub screws and unscrewing the front element, this way you will achieve focus at infinity.


Tips for using the Tair 3 300mm lens for Astrophotography

With various settings tried and tested the best f stop is f8, this gives superb results corner to corner as you can see from the single 5min image i took of the orion nebula, its sharp, no vignetting and real joy to use. Editing these images requires no darks, flats  bias etc.

Astrophotography 300mm

I have tested this lens against the Nikkor 180mm and 300mm ed IF and i much prefer the Tair 3, so what you waiting for go find one today you won’t regret it!