Project Description

We had some nice clear sky last night in the UK so I decided to try a widefield shot of IC1805 and IC1848 – The Heart and Soul Nebulae.

This Image was shot with a modded Nikon D7000 camera and a Nikon 80-200mm f2.8 lens @105mm f5.6 iso 400

22 x 4mins subs

Tracked on an HEQ5 pro mount (No Guiding)

Stacked in DeepskyStacker

and processed in Photoshop

quite pleased with the result and the 80-200 is a great lens.


IC1805 and IC1848 – The Heart and Soul Nebulae.

Located about 6,000 light-years from Earth, the Heart and Soul nebulae form a vast star-forming complex that makes up part of the Perseus spiral arm of our Milky Way galaxy. The nebula to the right is the Heart, designated IC 1805 and named after its resemblance to a human heart. To the left is the Soul nebula, also known as the Embryo nebula, IC 1848 or W5. The Perseus arm lies further from the center of the Milky Way than the arm that contains our sun. The Heart and Soul nebulae stretch out nearly 580 light-years across, covering a small portion of the diameter of the Milky Way, which is roughly 100,000 light-years across.