What is flocking?

If you have a Dobsonian or Newtonian reflector, flocking is a way to reduce stray light and improve the contrast.

Most astronomers either use a lining or paint the inside of  a telescope with something that absorbs light—ideally something that absorbs close to 100% of visible light.

Most telescope insides are painted flat black, but that usually doesn’t do a particularly good job of absorbing incident light.

If you look down the inside of your telescope tube in the daylight: is it truly pitch black or just dark gray?

The most important parts of the tube to flock are those that you can see by removing the eyepiece and looking into the focuser – anything you can see either directly or as part of a reflection is likely source of unwanted reflections and should be treated.

I also flocked the secondary mirror edge, and also the focuser tube, now when i look down the tube it is pitch black.

I also painted screws and everything else i could see in the focuser matt black.

Images Of How I Flocked My 8″ Newtonian Telescope.

So How Does The Flocked Telescope Perform?

The results from my flocked 8″ newtonian was night and day difference,  Definitely helps with contrast on bright planets and helps see more details.

The more light pollution you have the more flocking will help.

What Material Did You Use?

I used a sticky back felt bought from Wilko Online Stores, Don’t buy the stuff from other astro website’s as they use the same stuff, and charge more!


Thanks for checking out this article, good luck with flocking your telescope!