Building my cheap back garden observatory was good fun and did not cost alot at all, total cost was around £200 including building the pier mount. I have more info building a back garden observatory here. Viewing and imaging is much more fun, no more setting up to polar align and much warmer in the winter.

Home Made Observatory

Front view of my small observatory with our cat (Monkey) keeping guard!

Hobbit hole Observatory

View from outside looking in the observatory, I mainly use the 8″ Telescope for Visual Work and photographing the Moon and Planets

HEQ5 Imaging Rig

My latest astrophotography setup is mainly used for deep sky imaging, featuring an upgraded HEQ5 to full goto, 2 camera’s 2 lenses and a finder scope which will be used as a guide scope.

Current Observatory Setup

Modified 7×5 Shed (removable roof)
Concrete Pier, with custom top plate to mount the scope
Intel Zeon 8 Core PC 32gb Ram 250gb SSD drive.
Intel i7 Laptop


Nikon D7000 astro modified
Logitech C920 web cam
ZWO asi 120mc cam for guiding


Skywatcher 200p 8″1000mm F5 Newtonian
Skywatcher 9×50 Finder guider
Nikon 300 F4.5 ED IF AIS
Nikon 80-200mm ED F2.8 D
Tair 3s 300mm F4.5 (Nikon F Mount Modified)
Carl Zeiss Jenna DDR 135mm F3.5 (M42 mount)
Nikor 135mm

Filters/Other Items

Tiffen EF1 red enhancing Filter
Newer NW-880 Wired Timer Remote
Bahtinov Focusing mask

Astrophotography Software

DeepSkyStacker – Software for stacking images
Registax – Software for stacking video files
Adobe Photoshop CC 2015